What is Fourth and Gold?

Fourth and Gold is a small business founded on the passion and desire to change the research world of childhood cancer. The owner, Erin Tracy, is a pediatric oncology registered nurse in Jacksonville, Florida who believes strongly in advocating for more research funds allotted to childhood cancer. Currently, the government gives 4% of cancer research funds to childhood cancer. The name “Fourth and Gold” was chosen for the owner’s love of football and the desire to get more than 4% to fund a cure. In football, to go for it on fourth down is a big deal! You’ll often hear “they’re going for it on fourth and goal!” And it’s often times, a very big risk. If successful, the team scores a touchdown. At Fourth and Gold, we’re going for it on fourth down every time! We’re up for the challenge and believe our risk will be worth it in the end— getting more funds for childhood cancer research! Lastly, gold is the color for childhood cancer awareness and we encourage you to wear it as often as possible! We believe strongly in our mission to change the research world of childhood cancer and we’re doing this with your help! Every purchase with Fourth and Gold, we send 50% of our profit to our non for profit research foundations that are working directly to fund a cure. Together, we can fund a cure for childhood cancer that doesn’t just cure cancer, but it doesn’t leave life-time effects. Join us.