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A brunette, a blog and football

I know, I know. A woman blogging about football, a game she’s never played. What could she possibly even know? Well, I know the Jacksonville Jaguars have been breaking my heart since 99, the Clemson Tigers just beat the Alabama Crimson tide by a throw to Hunter Freakin Renfrow with :01 seconds left to win the National Championship and The Falcons blew a 28-3 lead to lose the Super Bowl to the ever so hated Patriots. Isn’t that enough? J P.S. If you’ve never looked up Hunter Renfrow, do yourself a favor and please do, you won’t be disappointed in seeing who caught that final pass (Go Tigers!).

Well first, let me just start off by saying that I’ve done my part in helping the Jaguars win this year. Our family has had the same season tickets since 1998 and decided to switch them to the other side of the stadium this year, section 113 (come say hi!). Now all I need is for the jags to do their part and we can finally start winnin some games around here. This has felt like the LONGEST off-season ever. If you get on twitter, you’ll see that the jags are already 5-11 for 2017 and draft a QB with the 5th overall pick of the draft in 2018. Bortles has already thrown 25 interceptions and Fournette can’t even crack 1,000 yards because of our terrible O-line. Dante Fowler is a complete bust and should have already been cut while Allen Robinson forgot how to catch a ball. My twitter peeps— I love y’all for that, always bringing me back down when I get excited about anything Jaguar related. I’m standing by my prediction that the Jaguars go 9-7, at the least, 8-8.

Why do I think 9-7? Despite many opinions, the Jaguars have a lot of pieces that we haven’t had in the past 10 years. Jalen Ramsey and AJ Bouye are easily one of the best CB tandems the Jags have seen in years. Fournette as RB1, Ivory as RB2 and Yeldon as a change of pace, catch out of the backfield back are a solid combo. The jags haven’t had a RB1 since MJD. Our wideout core is equally as talented. Robinson, Hurns and Lee are poised to have an amazing year, all are playing for contracts. Lee has had one good year, so I’m not buying into all of his hype just yet. I know Robinson caught a lot of criticism last year and Hurns couldn’t stay healthy, but I honestly believe both of them have it in them to be solid receivers for many years to come. Telvin Smith, Myles Jack and Poz are a good LB core. Poz is clearly on the way out, but still has some gas left in the tank to mentor and contribute. But for the love of GOD, don’t put him 1 on 1 with tight-ends. Never understood that. I would say our biggest weak links and uncertainties are the safeties (does James Sample even exist?), our QB1 and pass-rushing abilities outside of Cambell, Yannick and Jackson. The Jaguars made some good off season moves (Bouye, Cambell, focusing on special teams), the best one though? Firing Gus Bradley and getting Tom Coughlin back at Everbank Field.

Whew. Glad we got this first blog post out of the way. First intro’s are always awkward aren’t they? A brunette and a blog, and a game called football. This should be fun. What are some of your predictions for the upcoming season for your college or NFL team? For me it’s Jags 9-7, Clemson 10-2 (QB1 uncertain) Possible play-offs?, Notre Dame 6-6 (Oh God).

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