NCAA Football: Clemson at Florida State
Clemson defensive lineman Christian Wilkins (42) and defensive lineman Clelin Ferrell (99) dance after sacking FSU QB Deondre Francois (12). Mandatory Credit: Glenn Beil-USA TODAY Sports
How many of you are the “my team is an ACC team, I’m cheering for ACC > SEC every game? Now tell me why? For the life of me, I can’t figure out why if you’re a Clemson Tiger, you’re going to be cheering for FSU vs. any other non ACC team? I love the Tigers and never ever ever will you see me cheering for FSU. Not on a bye week, not in a natty. It’s not in my blood. I do not want any rivalry team to win. Do I respect FSU? Sure. They’re going to be a force to be reckoned with this year and I also think they’ll win the ACC, but am I going to be cheering for them? Not a chance. I know it can look better for the ACC if FSU is beating teams in the SEC, but I don’t care about the way it looks. I want the Tigers to be the best in the ACC and do things that other teams in the ACC can’t do (CC beating Bama in the Natty). I don’t understand the conference loyalty, so any of y’all who do that, please tell me why in the comments.
Back to the nasty noles led by Deondre Francois. The guy is an animal. I don’t know that I’ve seen a college QB like him in quite some time get bullied as much as he does, just to stand back up and complete the next pass. In 2016, he was under center behind a less than subpar pass protecting offensive line. He was essentially running for his life or getting knocked to the ground on what seemed like over half of his passes. FSU’s Oline rushing protection was ranked 6th nationally midway through 2016 with their pass protection ranking 86th.  Francois threw for 3,350 yards and 20 TDs on the year, pretty decent stats for his first year starting at the collegiate level. For comparison, Deshaun Watson of the Clemson Tigers threw for 4,109 yards and 35 TDs in 2015, his first year starting every game. As for losing Dalvin Cook, FSU fans have a very promising rookie RB in Cam Akers. Akers was the number one recruited running back in the nation and unfortunately for me, enrolled at Florida State in January 2017. In high school, Akers rushed for 71 TDs and 5,124 all purpose yards. Clemson’s defense has a big task in keeping him at bay, but Big Juicy (Christian Wilkens) and co. have never backed down from a challenge. November 11, 2017 is a date you should mark in your calendar. The Noles travel to Death Valley to take on the Tigers in what could be one of the biggest games of the season. With FSU and Clemson having two of the top defenses in the ACC, I predict a low scoring, down to the wire type of game (Go Tigers).
As for the SEC, Jalen Hurts will have a better year than 2016, where as a true freshman he threw for 2,780 yards and 23 TDs. The only team I can see giving Alabama a tough game is week one, September 2 vs. FSU in Atlanta, and the last week of the season at Auburn.. too much talent and an experienced coach returning to have anything less than a season of returning to the Natty.

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10 thoughts on “ACC > SEC?

  1. I don’t personally care but I think the reason why people want their in-conference rivals to win their bowl games is that it makes their team look better. For instance, as a Georgia fan, if the SEC won every bowl game they played in, and the national championship, then Georgia looks like a better team even if they were only average in their conference

    1. I agree, Joe. I just don’t care about the “look” of the conference. If Clemson beats every team in the SEC and FSU comes behind us and beats every team in the SEC, the only thing that looks good is our conference, not our team. I’m thinkin selfish reasons, I want my team to look like they can do it and nobody else in my conference can 🙂

  2. I’ve never routed for a rival of my Aggies to win … don’t care what the game is. But if I don’t have a dog in the fight (or if neither team is claimed by a close friend) I’ll route for a team from my conference over another team, because I have more fun watching when I have a routing intereset in the game.

    1. I’m with ya! Never ever! Like you said, if there’s no dog in the fight, it’s not a rival of my team, then sure, let the conference team win. Like the bowl games this year, ACC went 9-3, SEC went 7-7. I could care less about BC, Wake Forest, V-Tech in any other game, so sure, I’d like to see them win their bowl game to make the conference better, but you won’t find me cheering for FSU or Louiville to beat Bama!

  3. For many of us who have lived in Jax for a long time, which for the most part is gator country, we have had to hear constantly that the SEC is SO far above all the other conferences. And to be honest there for a while they were winning most of the natty’s so nothing could be said back. I am a Nole fan and it would always drive me nuts listening to them. I actually pull for every ACC team (YES even miami) when we are not playing them. It gives me ammo when all the sec fans run their mouths about how hard their schedules are AND it makes my Noles look even better when we beat that ACC team.

    1. I hear ya. But what if your Noles won the Natty last year, and then Clemson came in and beat them week 1, with essentially their same team? Would you feel like it kinda negates what y’all were able to do? Because to me, beating Alabama is a HUGE accomplishment, they are the SEC. But if all the teams are starting to do it, it doesn’t look as good. It’s pretty obvious right now the ACC is > SEC, literally Alabama is the SEC, that’s it. So if Wake Forest is playing Alabama, I’ll root for them, I don’t hate them like I hate FSU. I won’t be cheering for FSU, not today, not tomorrow 😉

      1. It would not bother me at all if the situation was reversed. Each year is different with circumstances and players. I do understand the hate. Atleast you will be pulling for most of the ACC. haha

  4. So “Snap It To Her” what are your thoughts on the Brandon Albert sudden retirement? I am a dolphin fan and he was a good player for us but he was hurt a lot.

    1. I don’t mind that he retired. I think he was a good player in his prime, but he’s never really recovered from his injuries. I’m actually kinda glad he retired because it saved the Jags staff from making a terrible decision and starting him over Cam Robinson, haha

      1. I think it’s good that he retired as well. His body has been on a steady decline since he got to Miami. Which happens for most since the sport is so hard on them. The only problem is Cam Robinson. Is he a true left tackle in the NFL? Does he have the speed. I am not so sure he does.

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