Being a Jaguar Fan Means Experiencing the 5 Stages of Grief in 3 Minutes (Jalen Ramsey style)

The Five Stages of Grief experienced in 3 minutes:

Denial: If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t have believed that Blake Bortles threw his umpteenth potential game ending interception (sarcasm font). I was in complete denial that we were going to lose to Philip Rivers AGAIN. I was also in complete denial that Blake Bortles could lead a game winning drive…

Anger: How in the HECK did Blake throw TWO potential game ending interceptions within a minute apart?! WHY did Marquise Lee taunt in the endzone and get a 15 yard penalty to set up the Bortles INT?! Why are these the WORST refs I’ve ever remembered???HOW DID TESHAUN GIPSON’S STRIP SACK TURNED INTO 6 GET CALLED BACK WITH NO INDESPUTABLE EVIDENCE?!

Bargaining: Oh I was bargaining for a win. Please give us a win and I swear I’ll delete all those tweets about Jalen adopting AJ Green. I’ll do anything for a win. I’ll sacrifice my college team losing every game for the rest of the season if we just get passed the Chargers and make it to the playoffs (no I won’t). PLEASSSSEEEE don’t let Blake throw another INT, please let Lambo make this….

Depression: Blake threw 2 4th quarter INT’s, we aren’t winning. I’m sad. My heart hurts. My head hurts. Now I have to listen to everyone who I ran my mouth to last week about how good we are. Oh the same ole’ Jaguars…

Acceptance: Time to accept who we are. The same ole’ team who can’t beat Philip Rivers. The same team who can’t win if they’re ever behind in a game.. the same team who can’t win at home.. the same team who…. WAAAIT A MINUTE. AJ BOUYE JUST INTERCEPTED PHILIP RIVERS!!! WE’RE GONNA WIN, WE’RE GONNA WIN!!!!!!!!!!

Heeeellllllllo 6-3, nice to see you in this decade. Shoutout to Josh Lambo for making the kick to get us into OT and the kick to win us the game- you da real MVP!

Overall, Sunday’s game was a GOOD win. It wasn’t pretty, but good teams find ways to overcome their mistakes and pull out the win. 10/10 times under any other coach in this past decade, we lose the game. It is beyond refreshing to overcome awful penalties, bad 4th Q QB play and the lack of ability to have a run game and still pull off the win. This is our year, ain’t nobody can tell me different!

This week the Jaguars face Deshone Kizer and the 0-9 Browns. I’m stupid excited at the matchup our defense has. I predict #KingRamsey will have a pick 6 and Marcel Dareus will have his first sack as a Jaguar. On the offensive side, I’m boldly saying that if DeDe Westbrook is active- he gets his first NFL career TD.

I haven’t been able to say this in the past 10 years, but y’all… we just might be playoff bound…


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