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Campin Ain’t Easy

Day 3 of padded practice for your hometown hero’s — the Jacksonville Jaguars. For the most part, it’s everything I thought it would be. Day 1, Bortles throws 5 INT’s (LOL) and day 2, he throws none. That is your QB1, Blake Bortles. That’s who he is, CC 2015 to 2016. He can throw for 355 yards, 2 TD’s a pick 6 and 2 INT’s. He’s a bad reader of defenses, he makes poor decisions and he panics. It is nothing new. I feel bad for everyone freaking out about him because that means y’all had hope for him! He is who is he. All I’m hoping out of him is to keep our head above the water, put on some floaties and get us into the playoffs. I don’t care how the Jags do it, whether its running #27 50 times a game or letting Marquise Lee throw another TD pass. I just want the playoffs this year and despite all other opinions, I think it’s attainable.

I love what I’ve been seeing from the coaching staff this year, it’s a refreshing change from sweeping the corners with Gus Bradley. Marrone doesn’t tolerate laziness and lack of effort. One thing that I believe needs to happen is that Marrone needs to turn the burner on high and let Blake feel the pressure. Let Brandon Allen start getting more reps with the 1’s and 2’s or even bring in Colin Kaepernick. So many people disagree with bringing in a player who sat for the National Anthem because of their own feelings towards our flag. I too was skeptical of him at first because I didn’t get the deeper meaning. But then Kaep continued his fight against injustice and continues today. He never meant to disrespect our military (as he’s said multiple times), but moreso our justice system. And he’s right! Our justice system is flawed. Kaep didn’t do this one time, get everyone’s attention and then fade into the spotlight, he’s continuing to change the world HIMSELF. If you can’t respect that and think the guy deserves a shot, but can advocate for Greg Hardy, Ray Rice and Joe Mixon… you could be (part of) the problem.

So… Dante Fowler blows by you and you’re having to block for the guy in the league leading INT’s… what do you do? You retire. Branden Albert spent 8 practices with the Jags and decided to retire. I-can’t-stop-laughing. But really… it doesn’t bother me either way. It’s probably just as good. I don’t think he’ll ever be the same since his injury in Miami and the Jags drafted Cam Robinson in the 2nd round. If anything, I’m thankful because now the coaching staff doesn’t have to screw it up and start Albert over Robinson.

These are my (way too early) predictions for the season.

1.) Jags @ Texans = W       10.) LAC @ Jags = W
2.) Titans @ Jags = L           11.)  Jags @ Browns=W
3.)Ravens @ Jags =W         12.) Jags @ Cardinals =L
4.) Jaguars @ Jets =W       13.) Colts @ Jags= W
5.)Jags @ Steelers = L       14.) Seahawks @ Jags = L
6.) Rams @ Jags =W          15.) Texans @ Jags= L
7.) Jags @ Colts =L             16.) Jags @ 49ers= W
9.) Bengals @ Jags =L

I will be at the opening game in Houston, which is why I’m putting them at a win week 1. My heart just won’t allow the L. Again, I still stand by my prediction of 9-7 and possibly 8-8 because the Chargers….. Philip Rivers owns the Jags.

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Go Jags and Go Gold!


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  1. Another good article and insight. You should have spent the money on Glennon and got rid of the mom 5 qb you have now.

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