Pediatric Cancer, Warrior Of The Week

Cancer Warrior, Freddie Taylor

 Fourth and Gold highlights a cancer warrior that has bravely and fiercely stood strong against childhood cancer. At Fourth and Gold, we want you to see the faces behind our drive and connect with them in a way you wouldn’t have been able to if you didn’t take the stand to demand #MoreThan4. These Fourth and Gold warriors have cancer, but cancer does not have them. 


Frederick Mark Taylor III, aka as Freddie, diagnosed with B Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia with Philadelphia like chromosome at 2 years of age.

Current age: 3, DOB 6/14/16 

Events leading up to his diagnosis: Freddie was experiencing increased bruising and petechiae

Favorite movies/shows: Freddie loves watching Sing, Trolls, Moana, The secret life of pets, Shrek 2, Zootopia, CoCo, SpongeBob, Paw Patrol, Sesame Street

Favorite toys: Freddie loves his music! He’s constantly playing with his musical instruments, and karaoke machine, but when he’s not busy creating musical master pieces, Freddie loves his iPod and tablet as well as his Buzz light year and Woody dolls

Freddie can’t go anywhere without his: Music! 🙂

Favorite foods: Pizza, Crunchies, tortilla chips, strawberry yogurt, mashed avocado and banana, rice pudding, salt n vinegar chips

If you know Freddie you know that he: loves music and to dance, he gives great hugs, and his smile is the best

What you cannot see here is that Freddie has undergone:

  • G tube placement (3 surgeries)
  • Port placement
  • Tubes in ears
  • 2 platelet and 6 blood transfusions
  • Lumbar punctures (10+)
  • Bone marrow biopsy
  • Multiple rounds of chemotherapy 
  • IVIG (3x)
  • Eye surgery

Freddie’s mom, Joanne, on the hardest part about having a child with cancer: “The unknown. The possibility of losing him to cancer.”

One thing you wish people knew about childhood cancer: “It’s more common than you think. It’s tremendously underfunded.”

How has childhood cancer impacted your lives the most: “Our family dynamic has changed. We’ve spent many days apart but still remain a close family.”

What does “Going Gold” mean to you as a cancer parent: “Raising awareness.”

Social Media Page: Team Freddie


Freddie’s story is unique to him and his family, but unfortunately, it’s not unique to childhood cancer. The day Freddie got diagnosed, he was 1 of 43 kids that day. 1 in 285 kids will get diagnosed with cancer and 1 in 5 will not survive. Freddie also has down syndrome, making his course of treatment a little more difficult and puts him at a high risk for infection. Freddie is a beautiful boy, full of so much joy and life and he deserves to live it. He should not have to be fighting for a chance to live at 3 years of age. Freddie and his family deserve to be making memories at home, not transferring back and fourth to the hospital.

As Freddie’s mom mentioned, childhood cancer is tremendously underfunded. Childhood cancer research gets 4% of all research funding. $.04 of every dollar goes to our kids battling for their life. Cancer is the LEADING cause of death from disease among children in the United States, yet it is funded like it’s a common cold! Childhood cancer is a national CRISIS, but unless you’re directly impacted, that information isn’t widely known.

Here’s where Fourth and Gold comes in. Every month, Fourth and Gold donates 50% of their profit to our non-profit research foundations who conduct their own research to help find a cure. Please consider matching our donations or making monthly donations to the foundations here: St. Baldrick’s Foundation, CURE Childhood Cancer, Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation, Beat NB, Pediatric Cancer Foundation and Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation. If you want to help childhood cancer research and have apparel to raise awareness, Fourth and Gold donates 50% of all profit to research foundations and a Warrior Shirt to children battling cancer, Love your Melon donates 50% of profit to research foundations and a LYM beanie to children battling cancer, Five Below donates an undisclosed profit to Alex’s Lemonade Stand for research and Headbands of Hope donates 10% of profit to research. On behalf of Freddie and 42 other kids who will get the dreaded cancer diagnosis today, we hope you are inspired and encouraged to join our village and the fight against childhood cancer.


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