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From Minnesota to Last Place

When I said the Jaguars were headed for Minnesota last week, I lied. The only place the Jaguars are headed after Sunday’s game is last in the AFC South. Overreaction to a team who started 1-1? No. Unless you’re a Jaguars fan, you won’t understand the pessimism that lies within this team because we’ve sat through it. I’m sure teams such as the niners, browns or jets would be thrilled to be 1-1, but the fact is, we’re not. We got blown out at home to a QB who had a 45%  passer rating at the half and gave up over 150 yards on the groud. We’ve sat through the Jaguars garbage team for TOO long. We’ve sat through 3 years of Blaine Gabbert and now 4 years of Blake Bortles. It’s not fair. We deserve more. Our GM, Dave Caldwell is atrocious. How this man is still employed and not only employed, but got a CONTRACT EXTENSION when he’s responsible for over 50 losses in his tenure with the team, is AWFUL. Absolutely awful. I joke, I play around, I mention the Jaguars going to the superbowl, I mention them being better than Tom Brady, but when you start your rebuild 5 YEARS AGO and you STILL can’t win more than 4 games, YOU’RE GOING THE WRONG WAY and we’re tired of it. I am one of the most positive fans for the team, but I’m tellin you, I’m fading quick. We’re not a QB away from the superbowl, but we are a QB away from being a 8 or 9 win team this year. I’m not saying by any means that Kaep is the answer, but TRY SOMETHING DIFFERENT DAVE. Bring in Kaep, trade for Hundley/Garappolo/Smith, sign Jerod Evans, rookie from VT, DO SOMETHING. Even if none of those are the answer, it shows the other players and the fans that effort is being made. STOP TROTTING OUT 11/15, SACK FUMBLE AND 2 INTERCEPTIONS BLAKE BORTLES TO THIS HOMETOWN CROWD

I’ve read that this loss isn’t solely on Bortles. Yes, sure, that’s true. The Jaguars found no running game despite Leonard Fournette and the offensive line was who we thought they were in the preseason- not great, especially in run blocking. Because of this, the Titans made Bortles try and beat them with the pass—- surprise! After 4 years, he still isn’t a natural thrower of the football and alas— 37-3 (because let’s be honest, those 13 points were scored when it didn’t matter and I am not giving him credit for it any longer). Allen Robinson being out with a torn ACL puts salt in the wound and helps no one. Allen Hurns, Marquise Lee and Keelan Cole did not step up in week 2, but on the same token, it’s hard to step up when your QB1 is BB5. The penalties and the offensive play calling was also bad, running the ball on 2nd and 20 when you’ve had no success? OK. At halftime yesterday, Fournette had 18 snaps, Chris Ivory 16 and Corey Grant 3. WHY IS CHRIS IVORY GETTING EQUAL SNAPS WITH LEONARD FOURNETTE? Get Hackett off this team. I honestly don’t know what he contributes at this point, I could call the same play calls for half his pay. Penalties killed drives before they even started. False starts, holding, lock in the back, facemasks, COME ON. DO YOU NOT HAVE ANY DISCIPLINE? What happened to Marrone not tolerating the BS penalties? Even though we’re 1-1, it feels very similar to 0-10. The stadium was electric yesterday for the first 2 quarters, hope you all got your pictures because it won’t be like that again until probably never.
 Y’all I’m usually pretty positive about this team, but I’m running out of patience. With alllllllll that negative, here are some things I’d like to see addressed this within the next 2 weeks: QB position (🙄), TE position (Marcades Lewis CAN NOT CATCH), Offensive Coordinator position, The Jaguars franchise, why I’m still a fan….

Edit: the Jaguars just signed Ryan Nassib to the active roster—- he isn’t great, but it shows the franchise at least acknowledging Bortles is terrible & that they might be willing to do something.

Ugh. With all that being said, as I predicted in August, I think the Jags win in London, coming back to Jax 2-1. I have no reason to believe this, but here we are. 😭

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  1. That gif of the bewildered jags fan at the chiefs game might be from the best jags loss ever. If you don’t remember it was the home opener in 2013 and the jags blocked a punt for a safety on the first possession of the game. Crowd goes wild. Then the chiefs score 4 touchdowns and they lose 28-2 😂😂😂 now that I think of it, that might be analogous for this season. The Texans game was like the blocked punt/safety, and the rest of the season will be the subsequent 4 chiefs TDs that followed 🤔

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