Going Gold and Getting a Win on October 15th

So is the Jaguar hype REAL? You telll meeee:

Should the Jaguars trade for Eli Manning? Have the Jaguars arrived? Is Ben Roethli5burger just washed? These seem to be the questions of the week after coming off a 30-9 road win against Pittsburgh where Blake Bortles only attempted 14 passes and only 1 being in the 2nd half. Because the Jaguars are 3-2, first in their division and have a fairly light schedule coming up, they have a great chance at making the playoffs. But can Blake Bortles take this team that far? It’s hard to say. As Jaguars fans, we all know there are two types of Blakes. There is 20/30, 365 yards, 3 TD’s and an INT Blake and then there’s 8/20, 122 yards, 0 TD’s and 3 INT’s Blake. The problem with that is, you never know which Blake will be showing up on any given Sunday.

The Jaguars are hosting the Rams October 15th and are (oh no) favored to win. This is a big game against the Rams, a win puts us at 4-2 and we know the Texans will go in and beat the Browns, putting them at 3-3. The Colts and Titans square off on Monday night (yawn) which will put one of them at 3-3, potentially having 3 teams at 3-3 in the AFC South. The Rams game is a huge opportunity the Jaguars have to capitalize on if they want to win the division.

The NFL is weird this year. There seems to be way more notable injuries than previous years, but the one good thing this year is the celebrations are back! I absolutely LOVED the Eagles playing baseball and the Vikings playing duck duck goose.

Games are also weird this year. The Patriots (who lost Edelmen for the year) are 3-2 with both losses coming at home and should have lost to the Tampa Bay Bucs if Nick Folk made ANY of his 3 missed field goals. Speaking of the Bucs, what happened to Winston? I thought this was going to be their breakout year, but they don’t look any better under Dirk Coetter than they did under Lovie Smith (ok I’m being dramatic). My most surprising team this year is the Kansas City Chiefs. I wrote them off as having a mediocre year with probably trading Alex Smith for 2018, but now they’re sitting 5-0 and Smith is having the best year of his career. The Bills started hot, but like the Bills that they are, should start circling the wagon any minute now.

My power rankings of the NFL according to divisions:

AFC South: Jaguars-Texans-Titans-Colts          NFC South: Falcons-Panthers-Saints-Bucs

AFC North: Steelers-Ravens-Bengals-Browns  NFC North: Packers-Lions-Vikings-Bears

AFC East: Patriots-Bills-Jets-Dolphins.              NFC East: Eagles-Redskins-Cowboys-Giants

AFC West: Chiefs-Broncos-Oak-Chargers         NFC West: Rams-Seahawks-Cardinals-Niners

The NFL has chosen to combine breast cancer awareness month with recognizing all cancers throughout the month of October. I’m not sure of any details, but I’ve worked hard at getting the NFL to recognize childhood cancer awareness month (September) and while I haven’t been successful in getting their own month, I am very pleased to see the combining of cancer awareness.

My business, Fourth and Gold LLC, is giving away two tickets and a custom Fourth and Gold t-shirt to a local child (and their guardian) who is or who has fought against childhood cancer and is a Jaguars fan. If you know a child who would like to attend the game, please e-mail us at FourthAndGoldLLC@gmail.com

Fourth and Gold LLC has a mission to bring awareness and funding to childhood cancer research by using football and apparel. If interested in helping our cause, please consider purchasing merchandise from us at http://www.etsy.com/shop/fourthandgoldllc

On Sunday, October 15th, no matter what game you attend, I ask each of you to wear something GOLD in honor of childhood cancer awareness. Pink is typically worn to honor breast cancer awareness and I encourage you to continue to do that, while also recognizing childhood cancer awareness. It doesn’t have to be anything big, even just a bracelet or pendent. Tag us on Instagram Fourth_And_Gold_LLC and you’ll be entered to win a can cooler of your choice. —JOIN THE MOVEMENT

Can Cooler Examples

Making a difference for someone battling cancer doesn’t just consist of giving money or gifts, it has many different faces. Sometimes making a difference involves time. Taking an extra 30 minutes to go to your local blood bank and donate blood could save the lives of THREE children. Children (and adults) with cancer are prone to low hemoglobin (red blood cells) levels and oftentimes need blood transfusions every single week. One thing that making a difference has in common, no matter what method you choose, is that doing something is better than nothing. #ChildhoodCancerAwareness #FightKidCancer #GoGold

P.S. Give up a third for Eli Manning and let’s ride to Minnesota.



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