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“It’s like kindergarteners saying something to college kids”

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve written and a lot has happened! Dante Fowler beat up an old man, Branden Albert retired….and unretired….and got cut, Marquise Lee got hurt on the first day of turf (🤒), Bortles, umm, well, he’s been the same, Chad Henne (maybe) just outlasted two first round draft QBs and is about to start (😑 ), Ramsey continues to like every insta post about getting rid of Blake and lastly, the most important thing, the Jaguars beat the Patriots. The best part about that, is on twitter, we’re all acting like we’ve just won the superbowl, and we’re totally kidding. But other teams fans pop up in our mentions trying to drag us “back to reality” as if we don’t know the Jaguars suck. We watch them literally everyday, we read about them everyday, we know we suck… seriously… nobody knows better than us.
Much to my dismay, I had the Jags going 9-7 or 8-8 this year with Blake Bortles under center. I thought we had the majority of our team figured out, but that Blake would hold us back… which is true. But now that there’s a QB controversy? I’m not even sure what to think of our record. Chad Henne might be doing OK in camp, but he is what he is! He didn’t get the nickname “check down Chad” because he was accurate and throws bombs all day. Let me make this real clear, I do NOT want to sit through an NFL season with Chad Henne as my QB1. I’m also not saying I want to sit through BB5 either, but if I had to choose, I’d pick Blake. Blake can at least make the game entertaining with his awful throws, he doesn’t take as many sacks as Henne typically does and he’s not afraid to take a shot (down the field, not of fireball) if he sees an open (or unopen) receiver. Basically, our QB1 isn’t on the roster and it has the potential to be a very, very long 2017 season. 

Having to choose between Henne and Bortles is like having to choose between getting the stomach bug or getting strep throat. Both make you sick and you don’t want either. Why not bring in some competition? Or trade? Dave sucks at drafting in the first round, he’s hit on one pick (youuu tell meeee), so why not just trade it away for a QB that can take this otherwise talented (besides Jason Myers) team to a playoff game? There are a lot of people Caldwell and Coughlin could trade for or sign out of FA (Kaep, Hundley, Smith, Moore, Garappolo). What’s the worst that could happen? Seriously… we are already depending on the worst.

Let’s talk about Dave Caldwell. How does this man have a job? His ENTIRE 2013 draft class is either on another team or out of the league.


Round 1: Luke Joeckel (Terrible LT. Now on the Seattle Seahawks)

Round 2: Johnathan Cyprien (Can’t cover his bread with butter, much less a player running down the field), Now on the Tennessee Titans

Round 3: Dwayne Gratz (Stole BUBBLE GUM. (🤦🏻‍♀️). Currently a “free agent” CB

Round 4: Ace Sanders (LOL). Really… LOL. No longer in the league. (never should have been… Go Dave)

Round 5: Denard Robinson (Fell asleep and drove into a pond, those were his highlites in Jax) He’s also a “free agent”

Round 6: Josh Evans (Our first example of never draft a gator), currently a “free agent” safety

Round 7: Demetrius McCray (Probably the best player of the 2013 Dave Caldwell draft, LOL). He’s currently on the Seahawks.


Round 1: Blake Bortles (see seasons 2014-16 for how great of a pick that was) Soon to be a bar tender.

Round 2: Marquise Lee (On a contract year, could be great if he can stay healthy).

Round 2 : Allen Robinson (BOOOOOOO….. ok, this was a good pick) (traded up)

Round 3: Brandon Linder (Also a very good pick) from the U

Round 4: Aaron Colvin (can’t stay healthy. Hasn’t shown much)

Round 5:  Telvin Smith (The man. Really, he is. He better get paid too)

Round 6: Luke Bowanko (Cool guy on twitter, but hasn’t gotten much of a chance on the field)

Round 7: Storm Johnson (RB from UCF with Blake who is a “free agent” like his soon to be prior QB)


Round 1: Dante Fowler (Yes, your GM passed on Leonard Williams and Vic Beasley, for the foul-er.)

Round 2: TJ Yeldon (Dave should have gotten fired here)

Round 3: AJ Cann (RG from USC, doing OK)

Round 4: James Sample (Fake person)

Round 5: Rashad Greene (Has proved disappointing and likely won’t be on the roster come 9/10)

Round 6: Michael Bennett (See above)

Round 7: Neal Sterling and Ben Koyak (Have just been around, nothing special nothing bad)


Round 1: Jalen Ramsey (Already inducted into the pride)

Round 2: Myles Jack (Is.. he confused?)

Round 3: Yannick Ngakoue (One of Dave’s better picks, he’s a hidden gem with A LOT of talent)

Round 4: Sheldon Day (Playing great)

Round 5: Tyrone Holmes (Fan favorite, but he’s with the dawg pound now)

Round 6: Brandon Allen (The new QB1)

Round 7: Jonathan Woodard (Coming off injury, so no report on him)

Jalen Ramsey and his son, Deandre Hopkins

2017 is still under review, but 3rd round pick Dawuane Smoot has done nothing and was picked at a time when many good guards and QBs were still on the board. My favorite pick in the 2017 draft was Cam Robinson (who literally FELL in their laps) Seriously. He should not have been there. And also, Marquez Williams in the 7th round. So, if there are ANY of you who advocate for Dave, please call me, I’ve got some things I’d like to sell you. Point, blank, period…the man should be in the same place as Blake… collecting money from their (ridiculously dumb move) extension while working for other teams. Jaguars— what are you doing?

That’s exactly how we feel about your job, Dave

Now on to the real stars of my blog. Meet Chris Jr.

Chris Jr. (photo taken from @chrisjrstrong via facebook)

On May 3rd, 2017 at 17 months of age, Chris Jr. was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma ( When cancer cells form in immature nerve tissue (neuroblasts) in the adrenal gland, neck, chest or spinal cord, neuroblastoma is diagnosed. Signs of neuroblastoma include bone pain or a lump in the abdomen, chest or neck area, which indicates a tumor growth. Cancers are determined by their growth within other parts of the body, stage 4 means the cancer has spread to distant lymph nodes or other parts of the body. Stage 4 neuroblastoma is considered high risk. Treatment is specific to the different stages and at high risk, a very intensive regimen of chemo is administered.

On August 17th, Chris Jr went into surgery to have the main tumor in his adrenal gland removed. Although they had to remove a small piece of his liver, the doctors are confident they were able to remove the whole tumor! Chris Jr. is still going to need radiation to complete his treatment, but as everyone expected, he kicked that tumor’s butt!

To follow along Chris’s story:

Facebook: @ChrisJrStrong

Instagram: Chrisjrstrong

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No family ever expects the diagnosis of “cancer” especially for their children. 1 in every 5 children gets diagnosed with a form of cancer and if they’re lucky enough to survive it, they live with long, devastating effects from chemotherapy. Since 1970, only three new drugs have been approved for childhood cancer treatment. It is not fair and it is not okay. As always, we pray and believe these kids are going to beat cancer. With only 4% of all cancer funding going to pediatric cancer research, we must do our part and raise awareness for these amazing kids. These kids deserve MORE THAN 4.

September is childhood cancer awareness month (GO GOLD!) and I have started a fundraiser to raise awareness and money for childhood cancer research. Having my own small business (Fourth and Gold, LLC) I have been making shirts for awareness (pictured below). Each shirt is $22 (shipping included). Not only does the shirt raise awareness, but all profit goes to childhood cancer research (CURE childhood cancer). All shirts can be purchased through PayPal (leave sizes and address in comments) and all direct donations can be made to CURE Childhood Cancer ( Please click the box at the bottom of the page that says “Send notification of my gift to” and type in my email so I am able to include it in my total raised. Original link to my fundraiser:

Until next time— Go Jags and Go Gold!

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5 thoughts on ““It’s like kindergarteners saying something to college kids””

  1. This is such a ridiculous year to have to be settling for Chad Henne. It was so obvious Bortles was going to need competition, and that there was a realistic chance the guy was going to collapse sometime during the season, though few thought it would be this soon. The Jags could have had Watson, Mahomes, Kizer, hell even Nathan Peterman. This isn’t the benefit of hindsight, it was extremely clear at the time they needed a QB. Furthermore, they definitely could have Kaepernick, and probably could have Smith, Hundley, Moore, Taylor, and a few others for a reasonable price. The fact they are settling with Chad is so bad especially because it was such an obvious possibility that was easily avoidable. Coughlin and Marrone were only given 2 years to win and they’ve inexplicably chosen to set one of those years on fire. Go Jaguars.

    1. I’m glad the Jags didn’t settle with Henne, I’d rather watch a ball fly down the field and get intercepted than watch check downs and sacks all game. Bortles is obviously not the franchise, but he can at least be more entertaining than Henne. As you mentioned, there were several opportunies to bring in back up and I cannot believe it didn’t happen. Caldwell might go down as a worse GM than Gene Smith—- who drafted a punter in the third freaking round!! It could be a long season— thank you for the feedback! Go jags!

  2. It is hard to argue with any of your points. Caldwell has done basically nothing with the drafts available to him. We (dolphins) used to have a guy like that named Ireland and thank goodness he is gone. If the jags would of had an average guy picking players they would of done so much better. Now for some good news. We all know how coughlin is and there is a good chance Caldwell is not there for the next draft. The only problem is the Jags will most likely have to endure another really bad season AGAIN. BUT this next draft is supposed to have some really good QB’s in it so some more good news.

    1. I cannot sit through a Chad Henne led season, so I’m glad the Jags chose Bortles (ew). Ireland was AWFUL. Dave Caldwell is making Gene Smith look like he wasn’t the worst GM ever. I know the draft is loaded, but good Lord there have been several opportunities to bring in a QB. Whether on trade, free agency or draft. I cannot believe Caldwell did nothing. Coughlin is starting to look a little silly too..

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