Jaguars are headed for Minnesota

I didn’t think I would be able to write this in 2017, but y’all, the Jaguars are undefeated. You can’t tell me nothing now. Unless your team is leading the division, don’t even come at me with any BS because my team is the top of the AFC south. Blake Bortles has a better record than Tom Brady this season. Blake Bortles beat Tom Brady this season. If that isn’t screaming superbowl, I’m not sure what will. We have a lot to look forward to this weekend because Blake Bortles has never started undefeated and lost the next game. Jaguars fans, we’re finally here. We have arrived. Next up, the 0-1 Titans.
Ok, ok, I’m back down to earth now. But Sunday’s game was shocking. I was genuinely pleased with how the Jaguars played on both sides of the ball. All preseason everyone on social media was SURE that the Jaguars wouldn’t win more than 3 games, and hey, maybe that’s still true. But for the Jags to come out and ball the way they did gave me optimism that I haven’t had in years. Winning the opening game ON THE ROAD in the Blake Bortles era is unheard of. Even though I picked the Jags to win against the Texans, if you told me it was going to be 29-7, Blake didn’t throw any INT’s, our O-line didn’t give up a single sack and our defense had 10 sacks?!??! I would have laughed. As Jags fans, we’ve been tortured so much that even with 2:00 left to go in the game I was playing every scenario on how the Texans could pull out the win. Oh my heart. It’s been through a lot as an unconditional Jags fan. (Still stand by my pre-season prediction, 9-7)

Sunday’s game against the Titans is a big game. The Titans are 0-1, Colts are 0-1, Texans are 1-1 and the Jags are atop of the division at 1-0, with a division win. Titans and Jags are known for raining on each other’s parades during games that matter, but this is the year to end that streak. I firmly believe that the Jaguars have what it takes to win the division this year, but it will start this week by winning against the Titans at home. Will this game make or break our season? Nah. But if they win, this game will be viewed as the game that started our AFC playoff run. Mark it. If the Jaguars beat the Titans on Sunday, they will go to the playoffs.

A few things that have me very optimistic about our season are obvious. Leonard Fournette has done everything we’ve hoped for when drafted, first NFL game recorded 100 yards rushing and a TD. The more running he’s doing, the less throwing Blake is doing. Calais Cambell has been an absolute monster. The talent that he has and the leadership he brings to the Jaguars is something they’ve been severely lacking for the last decade. Cambell reminds me of the Big John Henderson days— that says a lot about him. Ramsey and Bouye are just fun to watch. I’ve wanted attitudes like theirs on our team since Richard Sherman has been so successful. They are easily the top 1-2 CB tandems in the league and have the fun personality that we’ve all been wanting to see. And Myles Jack! He was all over the place! He did a 180 from his preseason play and really showed up last week. Him playing so well hints that Poz is on his way out (only played 8 snaps). Our offensive line shocked me. We started the game with a false start on the first play and I thought “here we go, midseason form!”, but after that? Unreal. Jeremy Parnell and Cam Robinson worked their butts off to hold Watt, Clowney and Mercilus to NO sacks. I need to see more from them before I get comfortable each game, but I am very, very impressed with their first showing. Consistency will be key with this squad.

The Texans are on the decline, plain and simple. And to make it worse for them, they don’t hold a first or second round pick next year. Deshaun Watson is their future, but he hasn’t shown anything special besides a 49 yard scramble touchdown run (which won them the game). Their front office needs to bring a supporting cast around him or he will end up mediocre. As for the Titans, Corey Davis had a very nice NFL debut against the Raiders and I’m excited to see him matched up against Ramsey/Bouye. Myles Jack, Barry Church and Teshaun Gipson have their hands full with Delanie Walker, but if they game plan similar to the Texans game, it shouldn’t be a problem.

I look forward to seeing all of y’all at the Bank’ on Sunday— show up and show out. GO JAGS!

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  1. Remember when social media told us Luke Joeckel was good and Cam Robinson was bad? Lmao. Blake Bortles has never lost to the titans after starting 1-0 so I’m personally optimistic.

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