Jalen Ramsey has adopted his 3rd son

November 5th was a day to remember for Jaguars fans. We got our first home win of the season, bringing us to 5-3, and we were able to witness Jalen Ramsey adopt yet another son. With his (lack of) performance, AJ Green joins the brotherhood of Deandre Hopkins and TY Hilton. In 2017 against Ramsey, Hopkins had 7 catches for 55 yards, Hilton had 2 catches for 27 yards and Green had 1 catch for 6 yards. Green has potential to be a hall of fame receiver, but losing his cool by choking Ramsey from behind and throwing punches might be the dumbest thing he’s ever done in his career. Not only did he get ejected, but he’s now opened up the door for cornerbacks to get in his head and defeat him mentally. As a Jaguar fan, I’ve waited to have a player like Ramsey for as long as I can remember. He’s the type of player you protect at all costs if he’s on your team and hate him if he isn’t.

5-3 and onto the Philip Rivers led Chargers. The last time the Jaguars defeated the Chargers was in 2007, 24-17. Not only do they have our number, Philip Rivers ran on 4th and 7 against the Jaguars in 2015 and it still haunts me. When the Jaguars win this game, it will finally give them the respect they deserve nationally and will put them into the top 5 teams in the NFL. 6-3 would be monumental for the franchise and there’s no reason for the Jaguars to lose this game.

Number one fantasy QB to sit this week according to NFL Network? Philip Rivers. The explanation for that is pictured here:

Bold Predictions for Sunday:

  • Calais Campbell sets the single season sack record
  • Blake Bortles throws for 3 TDs
  • Leonard Fournette runs for >200 yards
  • Ramsey, Smith and Fowler all have turnovers

Sidenote: Thank you to all the service men and women who have served in our great military. You’re honored, appreciated and respected. I hope you’re able to attend an NFL game on Sunday and get your Salute to Service recognition that you so strongly deserve.


*Meet Damian*

On Monday, September 12, 2 year old Damian was diagnosed with Retinoblastoma.

Retinoblastoma is an eye cancer that begins in the retina — the sensitive lining on the inside of your eye. Retinoblastoma most commonly affects young children, but can rarely occur in adults. Please see https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/retinoblastoma/symptoms-causes/syc-20351008 to learn more about the awful disease.

Unlike many other cancers, retinoblastoma can give a warning sign. In the eyes of children when you take a picture, there is often a “glow” that shows up (pictured below) and can be the first sign of the cancer. 

In September of 2016, Damian underwent surgery to remove his eye and have a prosthetic placed. Even though retinoblastoma took half of Damian’s vision, it couldn’t touch his spirit. The sweet, spunky little boy has underwent surgery &  chemo and has been officially declared “no evidence of disease.” 

Unfortunately, cancer comes to steal, kill and destroy. Damian and his family will forever be altered by long term effects financially, physically and mentally. With the government only giving 4% of all cancer funding to pediatrics, it is very hard to know what the future holds for children suffering with this disease. 

To donate directly to Damian, please visit: https://www.gofundme.com/2cpng6nc

To follow Damian’s story, please visit: Damian’s fight against retinoblastoma 

To donate directly to a research Foundation, please visit CURE Childhood Cancer



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