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Something Bigger Than You- Being Bold With Fourth and Gold

“You host the best events.”

I thought about that for a minute, “I host the best events”? It was a Monday night and we were sitting in the Dreams Come True room at the hospital living out my crazy idea of making 36,000 gold ribbons and handing them out to fans as they enter the Jacksonville Jaguars stadium on 9/8/19 for childhood cancer awareness month. We were about 2 hours in, I wasn’t even halfway through my first roll of ribbon and we still had 10 more to do. The laughter filled the room. I heard no complaints, just joy. I looked up and saw cancer survivors, parents and siblings of children fighting cancer, people who have no connection to childhood cancer and nurses coming after their shift to help. I smiled, I listened to the infectious laughter, the audible happiness in all of our hearts and I realized all of the people in this room from all different walks of life and journeys are together for one reason… and I thought, “yeah- I do host the best events.”

There comes a point in time when you realize that the more you’re able to invest in something bigger than yourself, the more energy and joy you will have. Through my journey with Fourth and Gold thus far, I’ve realized that most people want to be a part of a team and contribute to events that service the greater good. On Monday night, all of that became evident. My idea of hand making 36,000 gold ribbons to create awareness wouldn’t have been possible without people believing in the idea of doing something bigger than yourself.

I’ve been asked frequently why childhood cancer is represented by the color gold. It’s quite an easy answer, but so profound. Gold is a precious metal and children are our most precious treasure. Gold goes through a process by fire, to become stronger and tougher. From the day a child gets diagnosed with cancer, they start a similar process.

I have a September challenge for each and every one of you this year that I believe can start a movement much bigger than ourselves. The challenge is to Be Bold and Go Gold. Being Bold means to have a willingness to get things done despite risks. Going Gold might not seem risky, but stepping out of the box we’ve created for ourselves and doing something bigger, is. The social media hashtag we will be using is #BeingBoldWithFourthandGold.

Need some ideas?

  1. Get involved with organizations and businesses that support childhood cancer research and/or awareness events
  2. Do some research on the basic facts of childhood cancer, how underfunded it is and how common it truly is, then spread your knowledge
  3. Find a social media page about a child and their battle and learn how childhood cancer really is. It’s much different than a St. Jude’s commercial
  4. Wear a gold ribbon in September, place a gold wreath on your door and wear gold apparel
  5. Support businesses that aim to cure childhood cancer- Fourth and Gold, Love Your Melon, Headbands of Hope
  6. Donate to non profit childhood cancer research foundations (St. Baldricks Foundation, Cure Childhood Cancer, Alex’s Lemonade Stand, Childhood Cancer Research Foundation, Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation, Beat NB). Childhood cancer is so underfunded that families are shaving their heads and hosting lemonade stands to raise money. Be aware and get involved.
  7. Don’t ever think it won’t happen to you or someone you know. 1 in 285 kids get diagnosed with cancer.

Are you up for our #BeingBoldWithFourthandGold challenge? Share this post on your social media platforms, include our hashtag and watch the world light up gold. It’s time to be bigger than ourselves.

In a world full of chaos, choose to have a golden heart.


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