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You’re Not Affected, But You Can and Should Still Care

I sat down to do an interview a few weeks ago and was asked "Why do you have such a passion for childhood cancer, you were never personally affected, right?" Right. I was caught off guard, the reporter was as friendly as ever and it wasn't a snarky question. It was a genuine, "WHY?". And… Continue reading You’re Not Affected, But You Can and Should Still Care

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Nursing With A Heart Wide Open

If you follow my blogs, my website or my social media, you know that I'm a full time pediatric oncology nurse with a heart wide open. I say full time not only because I'm at my place of employment 40 hours a week, but because my job doesn't just affect me between the hours of… Continue reading Nursing With A Heart Wide Open

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Happy Nurses Week!

"You only work 3 days a week" They said. "Your job is so easy" they said. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Raise your hand if you've ever wanted to slap someone for saying the above statement🙋🏻‍♀️😂 Nurses week, you say?? Can we be transparent for a minute? or 30? Being a nurse is hard. Nurses are considered the backbone… Continue reading Happy Nurses Week!