The Car Broke Down Halfway to Minnesota


Blake Bortles, Erik Walden Just when you get everyone back on board, the car turned around in the right direction… you break down. That is your 2017 Jacksonville Jaguars. As soon as they hit the gas pedal and start jetting, they hit a pothole and crash right back into the reality of 2-2. Sunday’s game against the Jets was probably the most aggravating game I have watched in a few years. How you can beat the Ravens 44-7, be 2-1 and playing the NYJ (who are doing their best to tank) and LOSE is beyond me. The Jaguars should be sitting in first place, alone, at 3-1. But here we are, 2-2, 32nd in run defense and looking straight into the eyes of Pittsburg, PA and Le’veon Bell. Helllllo 2-3, it’s been… not very long. 2-2 feels no different than 0-4 in the recent years and it makes me sick. Did I expect 2-2 going in? No, I expected 3-1 (see previous blogs), but it’s not even that we’re 2-2 that bothers me, it’s how we got to 2-2. At the very minimum, we should be 3-1 with our only loss to the Titans. But…. Jaguars. I hate to mention this, like I have since 2016, but the Jaguars should have drafted Deshaun Watson. I LOVE Leonard Fournette, I think he’s a GREAT player, but Watson will win the Texans more games as a QB than Fournette will win the Jaguars as a RB. Reason number 34092039 Dave Caldwell should no longer be employed by the Jaguars— he’s bad at his job. Riddle me this—- Fournette was picked 4th overall to a team who is desperate at the QB position. Not only did they pick him 4th overall, THEY KEEP HIM ON THE SIDELINE ON THIRD DOWN. The Jaguars were on the goal line, potentially to win the game, and threw THREE STRAIGHT PASSES while our fourth overall pick watched from the sideline. WHY?!?!

 If the Jaguars have any other QB besides Blake Bortles, literally, ANY other, they are 3-1 dare I say… 4-0. His QB play is THAT toxic to this team. Unfortunately, I predict the Jaguars to lose in Pittsburg and come back to Everbank 2-3 with a tough game at home against the Rams awaiting. The middle of the season could get ugly… hold on tight Jaguars fans, keep your arms and legs inside at all times… the ride is just beginning. Heeellllo top 10 draft pick!

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Tryin to pull the Jaguars to a winning record


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                                 Meet Eyan


Eyan Ackerman
Eyan (front) and his older brother, Ethan (back). September, 2017
Eyan was diagnosed with ALL (acute lymphoblastic leukemia) at the young age of 2. Eyan had been having a rough couple of weeks with being diagnosed with what the family says felt like every sickness there was, double ear infections, bronchitis, RVS and others. Eyan’s family knew there was something more and encouraged blood work to be drawn to see if he was vitamin deficient. On December 22, 2014 when the phone rang, Eyan and his family would be forever altered. All of Eyan’s bloodwork pointed to cancer. After being rushed to the hospital that night, he was diagnosed with leukemia. Blood transfusions, platelet infusions, and hydration all within 24 hours helped Eyan to improve, but not 100% himself. On Christmas Eve he went in to have his port placed and within 24 hours, (Yes, that means on CHRISTMAS) he began chemo treatments.

The following months after diagnosis, Eyan received many treatments, procedures, and hospital stays. Thankfully, Eyan was responding to treatment and was in remission within 30 days of being diagnosed. Fortunately for Eyan, he has had minor side affects and has other wise been a typical little boy. His older brother Ethan has never missed being by his side for any treatments or procedures. Ethan has even given up his special days because doctor visits can’t be rescheduled and he knows that the one person that Eyan wants to wake up to by his side after lumbar punctures is his brother! This has truly impacted the entire family. Eyan is still undergoing treatment, until March 2018, but has been able to start school like any other kid his age. The family has expressed their gratitude of having amazing doctors and a determined little boy!

He faces each new day with a smile in his face and love in his heart. He is truly the most lovable, caring, sweet, and sensitive little 5 year old there is.” -Amy Scott (Eyan’s mother).

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  1. It’s like I’ve said. There are two Blake Bortles. One who basically sucks and one who is a game managing super quarterback. The problem is with that is there is no consistency. Also the jags refusal to keep Leonard Fournette in on critical 3rd downs has me questioning the play calling. Don’t try to get cute and get a post route or a pass on in the flat. This is where the jags need to dig in and run run run. That’s my two cents.

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