The Cardinals AJ Green’d the Jaguars

On Sunday, the Arizona Cardinals AJ Green’d the Jaguars. I’m pretty sure nobody expected the Cardinals to not only beat the Jaguars, but to score 27 points. We Jalen Ramsey’d Cardinal and Gabbert fans all week, talking about how he could never lead the Cardinals to a win against OUR defense and that 8-3 was already a thing….

Losing to BLAINE GABBERT? Are ya kidding me? Not only did I have to sit through him being MY quarterback, NOW I HAVE TO LOSE TO HIM? I never asked for this. Not once! I’m embarrassed to say, that Blaine Gabbert got his 10th (yes, 7 years in the league and his 10TH) win against the #1 ranked defense led Jacksonville Jaguars. I’m sick.

What Nightmares are made of
What nightmares are made of

Seven and four. I would much rather be eight and three, but alas, here we are. We still control our own destiny and the schedule is very promising, but then I remember that the offense is run by Blake Bortles and we could literally lose to anyone. Life as a Jaguars fan I tell you what- we experience the highest of highs and lowest of lows within 45 seconds of each other. Isn’t being a fan such a wonderful feeling? I mean who doesn’t like to scream in happiness because Calais Campbell scores the go ahead touchdown against his former team, only to 2 minutes later lose your appetite and throw the remote because Blaine freakin Gabbert threw a 50+ yard TD?

My hope is that this loss was a wake up call for the Jaguars. We were literally talking about going to the Super bowl last week (LOL!) myself included, but if we play like we did against the Cardinals, the Jaguars wouldn’t even be invited to the Senior Bowl. When Clemson was cruising last year, we lost to Pittsburgh mid season and that whipped us back into shape and brought us to win the National Championship………..


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