Turn the car around, we’re headed back to Minnesota!

Are you car sick yet?! 2 weeks ago I promised we were headed to Minnesota, but last week we got lost, the GPS died and we ended up in last place in the AFC South. BUT THIS WEEK? The Jaguars pulled up the road map, turned that GPS back on and ALAS! Minnesota, we’re headed your way! What a bizarre weekend in the NFL. The Jaguars won 44-7 against “the best defense in the NFL” (HAHA), the NYJ who are doing their best to tank the season, beat the Miami Dolphins (thanks Jay Ajayi for 3 points), The Houston Texans were :23 away from beating the Pats (Thank you Brady and Cooks for pulling that off) and Oakland (who was supposed to have “arrived”), lost to the Kirk Cousins led Redskins. 2017 is a wiiiiild year.
Thank you to the Miami Dolphins for losing to the NYJ. I was so scared the Jags were gonna be on a high, go into NYC and lose. That very well could still happen, but now that they got their one win out of the way, it shouldn’t. Plus, BCB is going and I’m gonna need them to snap their streak of the Jaguars not winning (since 2013) at games they attend. So BCB, if they lose, y’all gotta just start staying home!

Y’all, I’m SO confused. What are the Jaguars doing? We got killlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllled at home, unnecessarily. The Titans seem legit, but they lost to Oakland, who the Redskins just beat convincingly, sooo? I’m very much so impressed with our defense and offensive line. Which is funny, because last week I was so unimpressed with the offensive line. Send help, I don’t know what I think.

I got a text this weekend that I cannot stop laughing about “We’re jumping on the Jags bandwagon” LOL. Chalk that up to texts that I never thought I would receive and chalk this one up to texts I’d never thought I’d send “Don’t worry about FSU, at least you have the Jags” 2017 IS WILD. MARCADES LEWIS CAUGHT THREE TOUCHDOWNS IN ONE GAME! HE’S HAD 1 TD OVER THE LAST THREE SEASONS. 2017 IS WILDDDDD!

MY Jacksonville Jaguars are 2-1 with a STRONG chance of going 3-1 on Sunday. Please, I’m carsick. I’m confused. I need this win. PLEASE JAGUARS WIN THIS GAME.

Anyways- 5 more days left of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, and we have another strong little man on our hands.

Meet Brayden.

T-shirt made by Fourth and Gold LLC

Brayden was your normal fun loving 21 month old little boy who loved running around and playing. After a minor fall, Brayden begun having trouble walking. His parents took him in to see local doctors and specialists to figure out WHY he was having trouble getting back to routine walking. Frustratingly, the doctors best guess was that he had a minor break in his leg and within time, should heal normally. A few weeks later, Brayden had a breakout on his arms and legs that mimicked that of a rash. His doctor was not comfortable with the rash and scheduled Brayden for an immediate MRI the next morning.

The results that Brayden and his family received were and still are, absolutely devastating. Brayden was then diagnosed with Pre-B ALL Leukemia, a blood cancer. From diagnosis to 48 hours later, the family experienced emotions, confusion and heartbreak that no family should have to endure. Brayden’s parents have expressed that one of their most difficult moments was when Brayden’s hair started falling out from his chemo. Instead of just letting it fall out, Brayden requested his head to be shaved and then he would shave his parents. His hair falling out was a symbol of change that the chemo was taking and while everyone was trying to be strong, the pain, uncertainty and heartbreak was undeniable. Throughout his battle, Brayden has inspired, encouraged and changed the lives of everyone he is around. Cancer has never brought him down and cancer has NOTHING on Brayden.

To follow Brayden’s story, please use hashtag #TeamBrayden

As mentioned before, I have started a fundraiser raising money for pediatric cancer awareness by selling shirts or asking for donations to CURE Childhood Cancer Foundation. Since I started the fundraiser and journey of Fourth and Gold LLC I’ve had people ask “why.” Why are you doing this? Why is this your passion? You don’t have a child with cancer, what made you so passionate about raising awareness for pediatric cancer?

I honestly cannot describe the feeling of knowing that over 85 people are wearing these specific shirts that I made. That if anything comes from this fundraiser, hundreds of people are now talking, discussing and thinking about pediatric cancer.

If you were to walk into a room with 15 different people of all races, ages and genders and asked them what color the breast cancer awareness ribbon or symbol is, all 15 would tell you pink. If you asked them what month breast cancer awareness is, I’m willing to bet that at least 13 could tell you October and I know that all 15 will know that women get breast cancer and that it’s necessary to perform self-exams every month. Breast cancer has awareness, early prevention, screenings and resources. Pediatric cancer does not have nearly as many. As women and adults, why are we so outspoken and proactive about our health, but silent about the health of our children? Would you accept that your federal government thinks your child is worth 4%? Would you be silent if it were your child? Brayden, who is fighting the battle of her life DESERVES OUR VOICE. Every one of these precious children deserve ALL of our voices. Their families deserve our voices. #FightKidCancer #GoGold 💛


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